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Swift Microwave Therapy

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Swift microwave therapy is a quick and effective treatment for painful plantar warts. At Vittori Foot & Ankle Specialist in New Lenox and Homer Glen, Illinois, experienced podiatrists Christopher Vittori, DPM, and Ameet Thakrar, DPM, use Swift microwave therapy to treat warts and bolster the body’s immune defenses. To schedule an appointment, call the nearest office or book your visit online today.

Swift Microwave Therapy Q&A

How is Swift microwave therapy different from cryotherapy?

Swift microwave therapy and cryotherapy both remove plantar warts, but they do it in different ways.


Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to freeze a plantar wart and the surrounding skin. Freezing the wart cuts off its blood supply, causing it to die and eventually peel off. Though effective, this type of treatment doesn’t always destroy the human papillomavirus (HPV) –– the pathogen responsible for warts.

Swift microwave therapy

Swift uses advanced microwave technology to destroy HPV at the cellular level. More specifically, it uses special microwave wattages to target and heat up warts, eliminating them from the inside out. Swift also teaches your immune system how to better identify the HPV virus, reducing your risk of recurrence. 

Swift microwave therapy is effective and safe for children, teens, and adults.

Who should consider Swift microwave therapy?

Consider Swift microwave therapy at Vittori Foot & Ankle Specialist if you or your child has a history of plantar warts. 

That’s especially true if you have peripheral artery disease (PAD), diabetes, or another condition that affects blood flow to your feet. Plantar warts typically resolve on their own, but it can take months or even years. Since the aforementioned issues increase your risk of potentially severe wart complications, it’s crucial to meet with a podiatrist.

What happens during Swift microwave therapy?

Swift microwave therapy is a painless outpatient procedure that takes 20-30 minutes.

On the day of your appointment, you remove your shoes and socks and sit or lie down on an exam table. Your provider cleans your feet with an antiseptic solution and points a wandlike device at your plantar warts.

The wand emits microwave energy at a bandwidth of between 8-10 watts. The microwave energy penetrates your skin and directly targets the HPV virus. The waves destroy viral particles while stimulating your body’s immune response at the cellular level. 

These factors eliminate the virus from your body and prevent it from recurring in the future. 

Will I need more than one Swift microwave therapy treatment?

Yes. Treatment with the Swift microwave system requires a series of 2-3 visits. If you have five or more warts or clusters of warts, additional sessions might be necessary.

Call Vittori Foot & Ankle Specialist to schedule Swift microwave therapy, or book your appointment online today.