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Proper Footwear is Essential to Overall Health, Here’s Why…

Proper Footwear is Essential to Overall Health

How much thought do you give to the shoes you buy?

Do you buy shoes based on style; how comfortable they are; how suitable they are for work or sports?

What about health – do you factor in how your shoes may affect the rest of your body?

Footwear has a massive impact on overall health. When choosing new shoes, you need to consider how the wrong footwear choice can negatively affect your health, as much as how comfortable, supportive shoes can improve it.

For every second, minute and hour you spend on your feet, your shoes provide an important layer of protection, so it’s vital that you spend time finding the best and most supportive footwear for you.

Custom Orthotics in Chicago

You only have to look at how beneficial custom orthotics in Chicago are for your feet, to get an idea of why proper footwear is essential to overall health. Custom orthotics are a specially designed insert for shoes that helps to treat a wide range of foot and ankle problems. The inserts can reduce foot pain, treat deformities, increase ankle support and improve foot and ankle function.

Orthotics are a very popular treatment for many common conditions, including flat feet, bunions, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, hammer toes and arthritis.

It’s amazing how just adding a custom insert into your shoe can reduce the pain of so many conditions, but to prevent pain and discomfort in the first place, the shoes you wear are incredibly important…

Prevent Foot & Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries can greatly hinder your mobility, cause you to miss work and limit the sports and activities that you can enjoy for weeks, months and even years. Many common injuries can be avoided by wearing the correct footwear.

If your shoes don’t fit properly, if you wear the wrong shoes for an activity or your shoes are poorly designed, then you could be on the fast track to sustaining a serious injury. Shoes with high heels, no fastenings or no grip can hinder your ability to walk and affect your balance. With impaired balance, it’s much easier to fall and injure yourself.

Other injuries and conditions can also arise from improper footwear, such as ingrown toenails and Athlete’s foot. Tight shoes add pressure to the toes and push them together, creating an unhealthy environment and potentially causing repetitive trauma.

Bunion Prevention Tips

Foot Callus Protection

Plantar Fasciitis Injury Prevention

Contact Vittori Foot & Ankle Specialist in Chicago

Choosing the perfect footwear – shoes that are not too tight, too loose, too high or poorly designed – is not always easy, but don’t worry, the experts at Vittori Foot & Ankle Clinic in Chicago are here to help you.

Contact Vittori Foot & Ankle Specialists for professional footwear advice to prevent problems that can affect your overall health and to discuss getting custom orthotics to treat existing conditions. With expert advice and specialist orthotics, you can improve the health of your whole body by taking care of your feet!

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