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My Warts Cause Pain and Are Embarrassing — Can You Help?

My Warts Cause Pain and Are Embarrassing — Can You Help?

If you ask a doctor about warts, they’ll most likely tell you that they’re harmless. Because they’re benign growths, they might not pose a threat to your overall health. But if they cause you discomfort or embarrassment, we’d argue that they’re anything but harmless. 

That’s why Christopher Vittori, DPM, and Ameet Thakrar, DPM, offer dedicated wart diagnosis and treatment at our Vittori Foot & Ankle Specialist offices in Homer Glen and New Lenox, Illinois. With our expertise, we can help you get rid of your unwanted wart as quickly and easily as possible. To help you understand your painful wart and your options, let’s dig deeper. 

When warts hurt

While most warts don’t hurt, plantar warts — or warts that develop on the bottoms of your feet — are painful. That’s because other warts grow outward, but the pressure caused by walking and standing causes these warts to grow into your skin. Your plantar wart might make it feel like you have something in your shoe even when you’re barefoot, or it could cause tenderness in the sole of your foot. 

People often confuse plantar warts for calluses, especially since they’re flat. You can tell that it’s a wart by looking for a black dot toward the center of the wart. 

Fortunately, you’re not stuck with this uncomfortable, potentially embarrassing foot situation. We have options for you. 

Getting rid of warts

Here at Vittori Foot & Ankle Specialist, Dr. Thakrar and Dr. Vittori can remove your wart. We generally use either cryotherapy or salicylic acid.

Cryotherapy freezes the wart, killing the virus that’s causing it. Salicylic acid works by strengthening your immune system to better fight the virus.

Dr. Vittori or Dr. Thakrar can look at your wart and recommend the best treatment option for you. Our goal is to help alleviate your pain and get rid of the wart as quickly as possible so you can go barefoot without embarrassment. 

Warts in kids

Not only can kids get plantar warts, but they’re also more likely to get warts in general. Many children don’t know to tell their parents that they feel like something’s always in their shoe, though, which can mean living with a painful wart longer than necessary.

Talk with your kids about the signs of a plantar wart so they know to say something if they’re experiencing this discomfort. With our children’s foot care services, we can help get rid of your daughter or son’s plantar wart so they can run and play comfortably — and without fear of teasing from their classmates.

For wart treatment for yourself or your child, call Vittori Foot & Ankle Specialist or schedule an appointment online today. 

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