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How Amniotic Fluid Injections Work – Amniotic Stems Cell

A group of Amniotic stem cells are injected near damage tissues Amniotic Fluid Injections and can heal the area by regenerating area tissue damage, to healthy tissue. The Amniotic Fluid injection of healthy Stem Cells stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms and will also continue to stimulate healthy cell production in the area.

  • Amniotic Fluid Injections for Foot & Ankle Wound Healing
  • Amniotic Fluid Injections for Foot & Ankle Cell Production
  • Amniotic Fluid Injections for Foot & Ankle Tissue Repair
  • Amniotic Fluid Injections for Foot & Ankle Tissue Protection

Through modern innovation and medical advancements, amniotic fluid injections have the capability to eliminate the need for surgery or steroid treatment and can repair injured tendons, joints, and ligaments of the foot and ankle.

Amniotic fluid can offer pain and functional improvement that is long lasting. Patients enjoy longer-lasting relief than with other treatment modalities and this treatment modality is often successful even when other treatment modalities have failed.

Amniotic fluid treatments enable patients to return to their usual work and recreational schedules immediately after the procedure and afford long lasting relief without surgery. The amniotic fluid is also known to promote cell growth and regeneration of healthy tissue collagens because the amniotic fluid contains growth factors which can promote new tissue growth and help stimulate the body’s own stem cells. The amniotic fluid stimulates your own regenerative ability to heal.

This new technology allows stem cells to help heal patients and allows them to return to their regular activities with minimal downtime and without the risks of surgery.

Amniotic fluid injections is an effective treatment for issues like:

  • Muscle Tears
  • Toe Pain
  • Tendonitis / Tendinitis / Tendinosis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel Pain
  • Ankle pain

The Podiatrists at Vittori Foot & Ankle Specialists, are expertly trained in this new technology to help relieve your pain.

Amniotic Fluid Injections to Reduce Foot Pain

Amniotic fluid injections are a modern and highly effective treatment option for reducing foot pain and repairing tissue damage. The injections are an alternative to invasive surgery and pain-disguising medications that allow patients to achieve long-lasting relief from pain with minimal downtime. 

If you’ve suffered a ligament, tendon, or joint injury in your foot or ankle, an amniotic fluid injection can help to repair the damage by triggering your body’s natural ability to heal. From stimulating cell production to repairing tissue, this innovative treatment is a cutting-edge solution to giving you back greater mobility after an accident.

What Are Amniotic Fluid Injections?

An amniotic fluid injection involves injecting healthy amniotic stem cells into an area where a patient has suffered tissue damage. Once injected, the stem cells work to stimulate the mechanisms in the body responsible for healing. The injection can completely regenerate an injured area by helping to restore damaged tissue to a healthy state. 

Research into amniotic fluid has discovered that there are an impressive assortment of proteins and growth factors contained within the fluid, which can help patients with arthritis and soft tissue damage. The protein and growth factors can assist with tissue protection, wound healing, tissue repair, and cell production. Read on to discover more about these incredible capabilities of amniotic fluid injections:

Amniotic Fluid Injections for Foot & Ankle Wound Healing

Amniotic fluid injections can be extremely effective for treating foot & ankle wounds and reducing pain, as the fluid is a naturally regenerative substance. The injections are able to fight off inflammation to improve your comfort and also promote cell migration and production – they can essentially call in the body’s stem cells to aid in recovery. Amniotic fluid can multiply reparative cells, which encourages healing, and the cytokines in amniotic fluid can help to relieve patient’s pain. 

Amniotic Fluid Injections for Foot & Ankle Cell Production

Mesenchymal stem cells are one of the stems cells contained within amniotic fluid in high quantity. This type of stem cell is multipotent, which means that it has the incredible ability to self-renew. Mesenchymal stem cells can develop into many different types of cell, including bone, cartilage, muscles, and fat cells. When injected, the stems cells in amniotic fluid get signals to move to the damaged area and change into the kind of cell that was injured.

Amniotic Fluid Injections for Foot & Ankle Tissue Repair

As well as mesenchymal stem cells and cytokines, amniotic fluid injections contain many further beneficial substances that help tissue to regenerate, including collagen, growth factors, hyaluronic acid, and fibrinogen. The stem cells in amniotic fluid can not only develop into multiple different types of tissue, but also stimulate healthy tissue regeneration to restore tissues that have degenerated. 

Amniotic Fluid Injections for Foot & Ankle Tissue Protection

One of the primary functions of amniotic fluid is to protect babies as they develop; the fluid can also offer many protective properties when injected to treat foot and ankle conditions. The migration and production of cells that occurs after an amniotic injection provides a temporary degree of protection. The multipotent cells in amniotic fluid can perform three important functions: filling, covering, and protecting an injury. 

The Benefits of Amniotic Fluid Injections

There are a number of key benefits to amniotic fluid injection treatment in Illinois that make it the perfect treatment modality for patients suffering from a range of conditions. Amniotic fluid injections contain a number of anti-inflammatory agents – like cytokines – that occur naturally. The hyaluronic acid in amniotic fluid injections improves mobility and reduces pain by lubricating tendons and joints.

When Are Amniotic Fluid Injections A Good Treatment Option?

Amniotic fluid injections can be highly effective at treating a large number of common foot and ankle conditions and promoting natural healing processes in the body.

Even in cases where patients haven’t responded to other treatments, amniotic fluid injections can reduce pain and lead to exceptional mobility improvements. The results after amniotic fluid injections can last for a long time, especially in comparison to the relief provided by many alternative treatments. 

Unlike more invasive treatments for foot pain, such as surgery, the downtime after amniotic fluid injections is only minimal. After having an amniotic fluid injection, patients can return to work or go home and resume their normal activities. Amniotic fluid injections also carry less risk than surgery. 

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